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Saluki Congress 2008, 26.6.-2.7.2008, Helsinki, Finland
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In 2007 there was the Saluki Festival in the UK. In 2008 a Saluki World Congress was held in Finland. The Finnish Saluki Club started to plan the event in 2003 before it became known that the Britons are planning a similar event. The idea was to fund the event by organizing unofficial dog shows for puppies (aged 5-9 months). The hardest
thing was to convince the members of the Saluki Club that it is possible to gather enough funds to organize the Congress and that our small club (of some hundred members) is capable to make such a large event. Luckily, the members believed in the idea and so the fund gathering and the planning started.  

The Congress was held during the last week of June – first week of July in Mustiala (some 150 km from the capital city Helsinki, at the historical Mustiala Faculty of Agriculture). The Congress week consisted of seminars, three dog shows, an international Lure-Coursing Competition and an international Track Racing Competition.
Being a small club we could not organise all events by ourselves and thus we decided to look for co-operators to organize the coursing and the racing competitions. We are very thankful to Vintyt ry (the organisation of the Finnish coursing and racing judges) and Helsingin Vinttikoirakerho ry (the Sighthound Club of Helsinki) for organising the international coursing and the international racing competitions of the Congress week.

Some 150 participants from 16 different countries, including all continents gathered together to enjoy interesting seminars about Saluki On June 30 and July 1.

The presentations of the seminar days will be published (as widely as possible) at the Presentations-page.

It gave us, the members of the Finnish Saluki Club that had worked for the congress a great pleasure to be with a large amount of saluki lovers from all over the world and to see how the enduring work of who had participated in the congress organisation.

From these pages you will find among others the results of the shows and the international coursing and track racing competition can be found at the Results-page as photos from the congress at the Gallery.

Dyanitos Jabalon - photo: Maija Nissinen