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Saluki Congress 2008, 26.6.-2.7.2008, Helsinki, Finland
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Dyanitos Jabalon - photo: Janne Hakulinen The Congress offered a wide selection of speakers and panel discussions on all aspects of the breed and its history. 

Here you will find eventually all of the presentations held on our seminars.

  • Säde Hohteri (Finland) - Saluki movement and conformation

  • PhD, Docent Hannes Lohi (Finland) - Genes and salukis

  • Saluki Health panel with among others MaryDee Sist (DVM, President and Director of the Saluki Health Research, Inc) (USA)
    - Saluki Health report  

  • Dr. John Burchard (Ph.D) (USA) - hunting and coursing

  • Sir Terence Clark (UK) - Salukis in the countries of origin  

  • Ms. Lena Ståhlhandske (Australia) - Saluki types and trends around the world

  • Ms. Karin Hedberg (Sweden) - Saluki temperament  
  • Ms. Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben (Germany) - Saluki activities

  • Brian Duggan (USA) - Saluki history   

  • Hamad Alghanem (UAE) - The Arabian Saluki Center